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Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 10 (Roughly) Ultrasound Pic


Here's the first ultrasound we got. And what a great shot. Baby A on the left and Baby B on the right with Baby A's head right next to him/her.

Look at the post below for the actual latest ultrasound pic.

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13 Week Ultrasound Picture


Thought I'd post a picture of the last ultrasound we had done on 3/30. She was 13 weeks at this point. This is just one of the little buggers. Can't WAIT to go again next Friday for our 17 week ultrasound. The chances of finding out what they are then are around 60-70%. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll post a picture of the first ultrasound after this... one that shows both babies.

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I Love It All, And I Can Prove It


This is a picture of the front screen of my DROID. My phone is with me at all times and I can just glance down at it whenever I want to see my babies and how they are progrssing. I've got my wallpaper set as one of the ultrasound pics, and I've got 3 apps that tell me what stages the babies are in and how long until they arrive.

Call it overkill, call it obsession... call it whatever you like.

I call it love.

I love everything about it and I love everything about my wife...

I love her baby lumps,
I love her baby bump,
I love her baby rump...

I love it all!! Woohoo! I'm gonna be a daddy!

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"The Belly"


Here's a picture of Miranda the day she turned 15 full weeks. I think it was April 15th.

Isn't she cuuute? And she's now 16 weeks and 3 days... so this was a week and a half ago. 'The belly' as I've lovingly come to call it, is a little bigger now. Still it's already a good size since there are twins hanging out in there.

Another note, she believe she's starting to feel the 'quickening' movements. She can finally, albeit barely, feel them move!! How exciting. I can't WAIT to feel them myself!!

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"Like" Button Added! This is Fun... :-)

Hey... I'm fast getting into the swing of coding HTML on here.

I've just added the Facebook 'Like' button to every post. If you like the post and want to tell me so (and I hope you do!)... just click the 'Like' button at the bottom of the post. It's that simple!

This is fun... :)

Google Analytics Shortcut

I know many of us are using Google Analytics to keep track of everything blog related.
Here's a simple shortcut you can use that will save several seconds when you are creating a new blog post:

Find your Google Analytics source code and copy it... Go to your blog and click on 'Settings' ... When there, click on the 'Formatting' tab at the top ... Scroll down to the very bottom where it says 'Post Template' ... paste the Google analytics code in that box ... click 'Save Settings' at the bottom.

You're all set...

Next time you go to create a new post, your analytics code will already be there. No more searching for it, copying, pasting... All that time has now been saved and you can spend more time blogging!

Updating Your Blog from your Cell Phone

If you're like me - always on-the-go - you'll love this little hint:

If you have an Android-based phone like the Motorola DROID or the like, you can go to the Android Market on your phone, download the AndroBlogger app and update your blog anywhere you happen to be whether you're in line at the grocery store, at a friends house, a party, a concert, ANYWHERE!

I've been blogging for less then 3 hours now and already I'm getting hooked!

Have fun!

Lunch with a Gorgeous Brunette

Just got home from having lunch with a gorgeous young lady. She's a brunette with dark brown eyes, a beautiful smile and a great laugh. My gorgeous pregnant wife, of course.

We ate lunch together at our favorite Mexican joint before she left town for the weekend to go spend time with her twin sister. Yes, my wife is a twin that is HAVING twins. How's that for irony??

Anyway, just a little update... stay tuned.

Technology ROCKS!

Just set up my account allowing me to update my blog by texting a number from my cell. Anytime...anywhere. Technology ROCKS! :-)


Well, well, well...

It seems that I'm now a part of the blogging world. Thanks to my close friend, Gretta, I'm going to give this a whirl.

Where to begin?

My name is David and I'm a happily married 33 year old man from north Alabama. My wife, Miranda is a knockout 26 year old woman who owns my heart in its entirety. We live in the house I grew up in after my parents divorced waaay back in the mid 80's.

As the name of this blog infers, we're expecting. Not just one baby, nooo... Ol' Dave doesn't do anything halfway... We're having twins. Yes, TWINS!!

Neither of us are parents, yet. And boy are we going to get broken in fast. Two of everything..
Everyone says that it is going to cost twice as much, but I beg to differ.. Sure, we'll have to buy two of most everything, but I've got a plan... Buy two but pay half price for both so it's like you're only buying one at full price. Impossible? Maybe at times... but the smart shopper can do it. And I consider myself a bargain hunter/smart shopper. So we'll just have to see how it goes.

You know, I must vent for a second. It seems that many times I tell someone new that we're expecting, they are really happy and congratulatory. But the second I go a little further and explain that it is twins, they say something stupid like "Oh, I'm sorry" or "Oh, no!" or "Good luck with that (in a not-so-good tone)."

I mean, c'mon, people! It's a blessing. Why does the news of twins prompt some people to automatically go from happy for you to completely inconsiderate? I don't get it. Sure, it'll be a lot more work and possibly less sleep, but the good Lord saw fit for this to happen and doggone it, we're ECSTATIC!!

That's it for now... hey, blogging is fun, even if no one is reading it at this point, haha!