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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Possible Halloween Costume Review COMING SOON

Hey all,

I've been in contact with a certain Halloween costume website and have asked to review a certain costume. I've also asked to host a giveaway. Not sure if they'll allow it, but hopefully they will. I know you guys all trust my opinions and if it is a great costume you know I'll write a great review.

"What costume?"

Well, I'm saving that for a surprise. I'm sure you'll all love it though.

I'm really stoked about this possibility, so... stay tuned...


Sunday, January 27, 2013

2-Year-Old Twin Issues. Need Advice!

Hey everyone,

How in the world do you get twin brothers who are 2 years old to stop fighting constantly? We spank their hands, we take away toys, we've tried time outs and stern voices... but these two seem invulnerable to everything we throw at them. What works best for you guys?

We really do need advice. They love each other so much but at the same time, you can blink and the'll be fighting, stealing each others toys, etc...

We're very open to old-school and new-age tactics. As long as they work and they don't damage their self esteem we're game! :)