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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

$300 Zuvo Giveaway


You've all been waiting for it - and here it is!
Zuvo sent me one of their counter-top water filtration systems to review for them (and one to giveaway). As always, my opinions are my own and they are never bought or swayed in any way.

That having been said, this item is outstanding! I've never tasted such quality water. Trust me when I say that I'll 99.9% guarantee you that you'll be able to tasted a marked difference between your tap water and the water that flows from this unit. That is, if you have a sense of taste and smell. :)

The unit is very easy to install. All I needed of my own was a pair of pliers. That's it.
After installing the unit, I let water run through it for about 5 minutes - which is what they tell you to do to flush small particles from the filter - and I started drinking.

The Zuvo filtration system isn't actually a new concept... but it is one that they have perfected.

We're giving one of these amazing units away. 
Or if you just can't wait, you can always go to their online store and buy a unit directly from them by clicking here.

Here's how the Zuvo works...

Step 1: Ozonation

Above Counter
In nature, ozone is generated by lightning and cleans the air where rainwater forms. The Zuvo Water Purator mixes ozone with incoming tap water to treat taste and odor contaminants and improve taste. Like chlorine, ozone is a powerful oxidizer. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no chemical residue.

Step 2: Ultraviolet Light

Above Counter
The ozone saturated water is flooded with high-intensity UV light - the same as the solar energy that cleans water in the upper atmosphere.

Step 3: Photo-oxidation

The Zuvo Water Purator combines UV and ozone in a patented process known as photo-oxidation which releases powerful oxidizers to further treat the water.

Step 4: filtration with lead removal

Above Counter
Pure spring water is created by passing through fine particles in the earth. Zuvo uses the same principle by passing water through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter, reducing chlorine taste and odor, lead, and tiny particulates.

Step 5: post-filtration UV

Above Counter
The filtered water is again exposed to high-intensity UV light as it leaves the Zuvo Water Purator, ensuring that you get clean, healthy, great tasting water...just the way nature intended!


  Better for your Health
When it comes to your body, you should be drinking the healthiest water you can. The better the water, the healthier and fitter your body will be. Tap water may contain lead, parasitic cysts, non-pathogenic micro-organisms and unpleasant levels of chlorine - some of which can pose significant health risks to you and your family, while others make your water taste and smell bad. The truth is bottled water is typically no safer or healthier than tap water and chemicals can even leach from plastic bottles into water.

With pitcher filters, your water is only as clean as the filter you use. Zuvo's patented Puration process uses nature's own cleansing process right in your kitchen. It treats non-pathogenic organisms, taste and odor contaminants, reduces aesthetic chlorine, lead, and tiny particulates. The result? Healthy, clean, great-tasting water right from your tap.

  Better for your Wallet
Healthy, clean, great-tasting water shouldn't cost a fortune. Over a two-year period, Zuvo water is a fraction of the cost of bottled water or pitcher-treated water. Why overpay for healthy water if you don't need to? The chart below shows just how inexpensive Zuvo water is compared to other systems.

  Better for the Planet
Mother Earth hates plastic water bottles. It takes 47 million gallons of oil each year to produce all those plastic water bottles. The result? Over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. And plastic pitcher filters are almost as bad, with the average family disposing of 25 or more water filters each year. The Zuvo Water Purator uses only two filters each year-and we even help you recycle them.


Which scenario would you choose in the picture below?
Hundreds of bottles of water or one Zuvo Water Puration System?
Guess what I choose! :)


Same question as above. Which would you choose?
Miranda and I have used Brita and PUR filters for years but after
experiencing the Zuvo difference, we'll never go back.
Sure we're still using our Brita filter jug for now only for quick cold refills
but I'm about to take the filter out of it and just use it as a dispenser for the
Zuvo water I fill it with!


Have more questions about the Zuvo? Then by all means, click here to go to their
FAQ section and learn more!


Homemade Video 
Watch me review the Zuvo in my own home.
(Yes, I'm from Alabama. And yes, I do have a 'funny' accent. lol)



(US and Canada ONLY)

One VERY lucky winner will be shipped a brand new Zuvo Water Filtration/Puration System!!
The winner will receive everything seen in the video above:

Zuvo Counter-Top Water Puration Unit
Filter (already installed)
Connection Tubing
Faucet Adapter

This giveaway is worth $300, folks!
It is the largest giveaway we've hosted as of yet.
A HUGE 'Thank You' to Zuvo for sponsoring this giveaway!!

Here's How to Enter and Win:

You MUST leave a separate comment for every entry!
A valid e-mail address must be included in at least one of your comments so I can reach you. 

Mandatory Entry: 

You MUST be a PUBLIC follower of our blog - 1 Entry

Extra (Optional) Entries:

#1. Become a follower of ours on Twitter (click here to do so) - 1 Extra Entry

#2. Tweet about this giveaway to your own Twitter followers (click here to do so) - 2 Extra Entries
(can be Tweeted daily - each Tweet must be at least 24 hours after the last)
(verification link must be included in each post)
(each daily Tweet counts as two extra entries and you must comment twice for each Tweet)

#3. Become a friend of The Waiting Womb on Facebook (click here to do so) - 1 Extra Entry

#4. Share this giveaway with your Facebook friends (click here to do so) - 2 Extra Entries
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#5. Become a Facebook fan of Zuvo Water (click here to do so) - 1 Extra Entry

#6. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog - main blog page only - 10 Extra Entries
(only comment ONCE - the comment will be counted 10 times)
(must leave link on comment so I can verify)

Giveaway Ends:
Friday, August 20th at 11:59pm CST

Enter NOW... Good Luck!!

As Required by the FTC:
I received a product sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased product review in return.
No money changed hands - I was not compensated in any way.
Zuvo provided the prize as well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trouble Sleeping

Miranda has been having a horrible time sleeping lately. Her hips hurt her so bad carrying these two boys.
She tosses and turns all night long and barely gets any sleep. I feel so bad for her but there's nothing I can do and I feel horrible.
Any suggestions?
We've tried pillows between her knees and everything...

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ThinkSound Headphones Review

 Have you ever been listening to your iPod and thought, "Wow, this sounds really good!" 
Well you haven't heard ANYTHING yet, my friends.

ThinkSound recently sent me a pair of their 'Rain' earphones (see pic below) to review for them.
I have never in my life heard a pair of earphones sound as good as these. Highs, mids and lows are all amazing! The bass you get from this product is jaw-dropping!

I've been using them religiously for about 3 weeks now and I can tell you without hesitation that I'll never own another pair of earphones in my life. Not another brand anyway.

I let a good friend of mine listen to them and compare them to his 'Skull Candy' earphones. After going back and forth between his set and mine and listening to a few different songs, his conclusion was that ThinkSound earphones beat his Skull Candy ones. "Not by a whole lot but the difference is there," was his exact words.

If you are in the market for a new set of earphones, know someone who is, or are needing to buy that perfect gift for a special music lover then these are what you are looking for. You won't find a better pair anywhere!
They are even an eco-friendly company which I love!!
An excerpt from their site:

Clear Sound with a Clearer Conscience

thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Our headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.
We take our environmental impact as serious as we do our audio products. Our packaging is crafted from recycled materials, with minimal plastic components. We also use PVC-free cables and choose our wood from renewable sources. The result is great sound that you can feel good about.
For the last several years, thinksound™ engineers and designers have been perfecting their unique line of earphones. Each and every component and material has been chosen with care. Only the finest quality components make it into a thinksound™ product.
We invite you try our headphones to experience the difference that our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make.


And as a special gift to all who are reading this--

If you make a purchase through their webstore and use the coupon code: WOMB
at checkout you will get a whopping 25% off your entire order!!
I've tried it, trust me, it is a working code that was created by the awesome folks over at ThinkSound just for our readers.

How's that for generous!
 So get your tails on over to their website and check them out!
Your ears will thank you 1,000 times!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Giveaway Search Engine

Ever wanted to search for giveaways from one easy, convenient location?
Mike from GiveawayScout.com contacted me today letting me know about his service.
You can search for giveaways from blogs who are in their network right from their website.
No need to go searching the entire web!!

What a great idea. Thanks, Mike!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

28 Weeks Today

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how a woman as short as my wife can carry two babies.

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how although she can hardly get up off the couch, she rarely complains.

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how much she (and I) rub her belly, already loving our boys SO much.

It will never cease to amaze me what an amazing wife and mother to our children I have.

Here are this weeks stats and some weekly info:
The Babies
As of Today

Our Boys Are:

28 Weeks and 0 Days
14.8 Inches Long (Overall Length)
2 lbs 9 ounces (each)

And IF Miranda goes full term to Oct. 5th (which is usually unlikely for twins)
we have 83 days left!!
At 28 weeks, Miranda is doing pretty good.
Her only complaints so far are:
Mild swelling in her feet 
Slight difficulty getting up from a laying position on our couch
Occasional, very slight difficulty taking a deep breath
Not sleeping well from both being uncomfortable and having to go to the bathroom every two hours
We had another doctor visit last Friday and we were told her sugar was around 235 when it needed to be 140 or less. She drank the (gross) orange liquid before the visit to be able to test this.
So, as of today we're waiting to get the results back from the blood test that will be more accurate.
If the number is still too high, she'll have to go for a 3 hour test. She'll drink the same liquid and have her finger pricked once an hour for three hours. If, after the 3 hour test, her sugar is still too high, the doctor will declare that she has Gestational Diabetes.
It can be very easily controlled with a diet and light exercise and should disappear after the birth of the boys.
If not treated properly, it can lead to larger babies which could increase risks during delivery. But I have no doubt, as much care as Miranda has and constantly gives these babies, she'll do whatever it takes to keep herself and the babies healthy.

We'll be taking her 28 week pictures today. If allowed (operative word being: allowed), I'll update this post with a picture or two after she gets home from work.

Edit: I was 'allowed' lol

Here's a pic of the 28 week belly, through scrubs, of course
Darker colors are slimming. Believe me, that belly is larger than it looks in this pic. Don't get me wrong... I love it. I am NOT saying anything bad about its size. :)
On a side note... I need everyone reading this to send up prayer after prayer for me to be offered a full-time position somewhere. If the doc prescribes bed rest, that would surely mean financial ruin at the present time.
Please pray, pray, pray! Thanks!
More to come... stay tuned!

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Winner - Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ion Generator

Congratulations to
Deborah Anderson

She is the winner of our latest giveaway:
A Purely Products Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ion Generator
valued at $49.99

Thanks to all who entered.

Keep watching the "Our Giveaways!" tab.
We're about to give away a $300 item soon. More info to come!

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Review: "Ready or Not... Here We Come!"

Miranda and I are reading a few different books right now on the subject of our new found affection:
Our Twins!

Just last night I finished a wonderful book called "Ready or Not... Here We Come!" by a fantastic author and mother of twins, Elizabeth Lyons.

This lady kept me laughing the entire way through. Keep in mind, its not a book of comedy so much as it is a reference guide in the first year of twin rearing. But the way she words the description of her experiences will have you LOL'ing the whole time.

I actually spoke with her over the phone before I read her book and even though I'd never previously talked to her, it was like I'd known her my whole life. Her personality is amazing and it shines through in her writing.

Just a few topics include:

Before the Arrivals
-Babies' Gear
-Preparing our Marriage
-Preparing Yourself Mentally

0-3 Months
-Will We Be Alive in Three Months?!
-Breastfeeding Twins
-Unsolicited Advice (and how to respond)

3-6 Months
-The Schedule
-Starting Solids
-Get Me Out of This House!

6-12 Months
-Top Ten Prayers for This Phase
-What Part of "No" in Unclear?
-New Car Seats - Again
-The Lucrative Garage Sale
-Playing Together (or Not)

These are just a very few of the topics Elizabeth covers in the book. The layout is great, especially if you already have a child or two. You can read a section at a time in a heartbeat and get back to rearing the chitlins until you have more time to read another little section.

Overall, I'd honestly have to give this book an A+. It was entertaining and super informative.
She gave us plenty of great ideas that will be put into place at the proper time.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for writing this book! I can't wait to read the next one - "Ready or Not, There We Go!"

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Win Crossover Shears from CRKT

Gretta, over at The Johns Family blog, is giving away a set of Crossover Shears
from CRKT. Go check it out and enter. I just did! :)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is Just Crazy

I feel like I'm a pretty smart guy. I feel like I know what I'm doing when it comes to most things.
I feel like I'm actually very hire-worthy. 

But today I feel like a failure.

I don't know, maybe its the fact that a full-time j-o-b is eluding me.
Maybe its the fact that I got up this morning at 4:45 to go to work (45 minutes away) and halfway there they called to tell me I got low census for the day (ie. I got called off).

Whatever it is I wish it would just quit and start getting better. We're about to bring two little princes into our world and as of right now I'm already failing as a father by not being able to provide a steady income for my kids. Why won't anyone hire me? I've got a degree! I know all about respiratory. I can do other things as well but the other apps I've put in have seemingly been in vain. No calls, nothing.

If it weren't for my brother letting me help him lay hardwood floors and Ms. Nancy needing some things done around her new home I'd be in rough shape. I thank God for the odd jobs right now.

Getting called off work really bites - figuratively and physically. Figuratively because, well it just does.
And physically because I actually had to bite my arm when I was turning around to come home to keep Falkville from hearing me scream! I know it is not my supervisors fault. He's doing what he has to do to make the numbers right so he won't get hammered by the higher-ups. But it still infuriates me to no end. I've GOT to work, people!!!

Sorry for vomiting anger and disdain all over your monitor this morning. I had to vent somewhere and you were lucky enough to get to read it. Here's a (figurative) moist towelette for you to wipe with.


Pregnancy-wise, Miranda is still doing great. She was 27 weeks yesterday and we believe she's having some Braxton-Hicks contractions. Nothing to be alarmed about. It just tightens up and releases every so often. Not painful at all. No worries.

She says her feet are swelling a little. And this morning I had to put her shoes and socks on for her. :)
Sleep is not as easy for her anymore. And she is tired all the time.
Other than that, there's nothing to post really. Everything, so far, is going pretty smoothly.

Friday she has to drink some orange 'cola' before our doctor visit so that they can test her for gestational diabetes. Its a routine test. We should know something then or a couple of days after. Keep your fingers crossed and send a prayer or two up for us. With me not working full time, we need her to work as long as she can. I wish she could take off now, but there's just no way. Sorry, angel. 

That's it for now... stay tuned!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Golden Moon Tea Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Louis!!
You won the giveaway. I've sent you an e-mail. Please respond within 48 hours or another
winner will have to be chosen.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

CSN Stores Dog Bed Review

As you all recall, I told you that I was going to review a CSN Stores item several days ago via a post here on the blog. Well, the item I chose to review was the Precision Pet Gusset Suede Pillow Dog Bed in Beige/Chocolate. Kain, our dog, LOVES it. He has slept on an oversized chair in our bedroom for about 3 years now and we thought he really liked it. We simply said 'go to the back' when it was time for bed at night and he ran back there and hopped on his 'bed,' waiting for a treat.

This is the exact bed we bought:

Well, we got the dog bed from CSN Stores and he will not have anything to do with his old bed.
The specs on this thing says it is 3" high... well that's a HUGE three inches. It honestly is more like 7-8" thick. I kid you not. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'. :)

If this item's quality is like the quality of the other items that CSN Stores carries, I'll be buying a LOT more stuff from them. That really is my honest, unbiased opinion. This item far surpassed my wildest expectations.
It is very plush and very soft. Your pet will LOVE it. We got Kain the large size since he's 75 muscular pounds and it is just perfect.

Please feel free to visit their fan page on Facebook. There you'll find more info on this amazing company, plus many other fans post their giveaways from them. 

I highly encourage you all to go visit them and make a purchase. They have over 200 stores for you to browse through. I spent 3 hours just browsing 2 stores the other day. Shhh... don't tell the wife. :)

Here are just a few of their great stores:

Outdoor Cooking

Baby & Kids

Health & Fitness


Bedroom Furniture

That reminds me, be sure to check out their platform beds too. I'd love to get my aching back on one of those puppies! I wish they'd let me review one of those complete with mattress. :)

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Purely Products Review and Giveaway

Being the kind of person that likes fresh air, I'm always trying different things in the house to make the indoor air as fresh as the outdoor air. I've tried houseplants, air fresheners, etc. The houseplants are great for supplying fresh oxygen and the air fresheners were ok but they didn't actually freshen the air, they just smelled good for a few minutes and then it was back to stale-smelling air.

Purely Products is an innovative company with strong moral background and is absolutely committed to clean/green living.

Upon my request, they sent me one of their Ionic Lifestyle's. It generates negative ions for an entire room.
Negative ions combat the damaging effects of computer screens, TV's, etc. IonicLifestyle, the most compact negative ion generator, emits these same energizing "vitamins of the air" while helping to counter the energy-draining effects of positive ions from everyday items like computers, cell phones, televisions, or forced air ventilation.

Ever go to the beach or mountains just to unplug from life? It's the negative ions generated by nature that have the greatest positive effect. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, moving air and water. The greater the concentration of negative ions, the greater the energizing effect upon body and mind. Plug in a Purely ionizer in your home, office, car and computer USB and feel the difference.
After using this item in our living room I can honestly tell you that after a few days (maybe a week) we started noticing the difference it made. Our moods were lighter and the room actually smelled fresher. It does not emit a scent, but the negative ions it generates makes the air smell cleaner. What an amazing little gadget!!
I don't know if its the item or not but I've actually had less headaches since plugging it into the wall.
Maybe it can do the same for you. Who knows?! But what if, huh?

But don't just take my word for it, go here to read why Ionized air is extremely important!!

  • Plugs directly into 110 Volt outlet
  • Generates more than 2,000,000 refreshing negative ions per cubic centimeter*
  • Increases serotonin and oxygen levels
  • Boosts mood and daytime energy
  • Excellent for helping fight asthma and allergies
  • Counters the energy-draining effects of positive ions emitted by electronics, household materials, etc.
  • For home, office, warehouse spaces
  • Compact - Only 1.26"W x 1.97"H x 1.77"D
  • Very Light - Only 1.41 Oz
  • Zero OZONE emissions*
  • Chemical free. Environmentally friendly
  • LED indicator light shows it's working
  • Home Unit Colors: Yellow, White, Pink
*Based upon testing results from the Korea Far Infrared Testing Association.

 The founders of the company also founded DiaperLove.org. It is a non-profit organization that helps needs families by giving them diapers for their babies. I can say that as a soon-to-be daddy that this is a truly amazing and selfless organization. What an honor to even be doing a giveaway for these folks. Please go check them out and see if there's anything you can do to help.


 Purely Products is giving away one of these amazing IonicLifestyle items to one lucky reader of this very blog. :)

It is well worth your time to enter this one, folks. 
Who doesn't want cleaner air in their home??

Note: Be sure at least one of your comments has your e-mail address in it. If I cannot get in touch with you another winner will be selected

Mandatory Entries

#1: You MUST be a public follower of my blog. I do check, so no cheating. :)

Extra Entries 

#1.  Follow us on Twitter - 1 Extra Entry
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#6. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog - 3 Extra Entries
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       so I can verify)

How simple is that? 9 chances to win!!

Open to US Residents Only

Contest Ends:  Monday, July 12th at 11:59 CST

As required by the FTC:
I received a product sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased product review.  I received no monetary compensation.
All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Itzbeen Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Akritical

 Pregnancy Ticker
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Please Visit Blog Giveaways

I'd like everyone to take a second and go visit Maria over at Blog Giveaways.
She updates her page daily (and sometimes multiple times per day) with giveaways from around the web.
If you are looking for a constantly updated listing of a ton of current giveaways, this is the place to go.

She even created a post just for us here at The Waiting Womb.
See that post here.

Thanks for the post and for listing all that you do, Maria.

 Pregnancy Ticker

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