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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Stats

As of 4/29/10 the babies are:

17 weeks, 2 days

5.25 inches
5.44 ounces

And IF they go full term to Oct. 5th, we've got 158 days left!

Tomorrow is the Day! (Hopefully)

First off... Can this week get any better? Today I learned that all the preparation I've been doing for the past (almost) 3 years has paid off. I passed the Mock RRT Exam - a test that you had to pass to be considered eligible to graduate. I passed with plenty of room to spare! So that's it. WOW! That's actually IT!! No more classes! No more school! I'm finished... OMG!Leaving this classroom that I've spent two years in is kind of bitter-sweet. I'm really going to miss all my friends. But at the same time, leaving signifies accomplishment. An accomplishment I've been trying for for 13 years.

Graduation is in 15 days!

Anyway, the reason for the title of this post...

Tomorrow Miranda and I go back to the doc for our next ultrasound. She's 17 and a half weeks along and there's a really good chance we will find out what our babies are. As any expecting father I'm on edge... anxiously awaiting the news. We're trying not to get our hopes too high though - there IS still a chance they won't show us anything. But... the ultrasound is scheduled for an hour so the tech will have plenty of time to get them to move around to try to get some solid confirmation.

Voting on the poll to the right closes tomorrow afternoon at 5pm CST. So be SURE to get your vote in before then.

OMG! I'm finished with school... I made it. I'm done! Hallelujah!!