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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

20 Weeks Picture Delayed

Who knew pregnant women were so picky? haha

Miranda and I wanted to put a 20 week picture on the blog tonight since she's 20 wks today. But, she apparently chose the wrong outfit and after the pictures were taken she didn't want me to use any of them.

She didn't like her hair...
She didn't like her bra lines...
She didn't like this...
She didn't like that...  HAHA

Bless her heart. Pregnancy hasn't changed her a bit. :) She's just as picky now as she was 5 months ago.

I guess I could look on he bright side - she picked me. Why? God only knows.

I'll try to get her to choose a better outfit in the next day or two so we can let all you anxious folks see her 20-weeks-and-growing belly.

For now, I'm gonna drop it like its hot. (aka, The End)


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