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Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love It All, And I Can Prove It


This is a picture of the front screen of my DROID. My phone is with me at all times and I can just glance down at it whenever I want to see my babies and how they are progrssing. I've got my wallpaper set as one of the ultrasound pics, and I've got 3 apps that tell me what stages the babies are in and how long until they arrive.

Call it overkill, call it obsession... call it whatever you like.

I call it love.

I love everything about it and I love everything about my wife...

I love her baby lumps,
I love her baby bump,
I love her baby rump...

I love it all!! Woohoo! I'm gonna be a daddy!

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Gretta said...

We loved hanging out with you & Miranda the other night. Thanks for entertaining us so late. We need to get together more often. And your baby "love" is great...don't let anyone tell you otherwise.