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Friday, April 30, 2010

What Are We Having? (Hint: Read to Find Out)

The poll has closed...

The ultrasound has been performed...

We've told our families...

Now its time for you to know...

We're having...



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I did the deed. My little swimmers met a couple little eggs and flat told them "I'm about to make you male!" They didn't make an idle threat either. They did exactly what they told the eggs they were gonna do. They created two little David's! :) In the process, they made Daddy a happy man.

Now don't get me wrong - I would have loved two girls or one of each just the same. But two boys? Ahhh... We're so excited.

Miranda has been walking around all afternoon in complete shock. As for me - I'm a typical, proud, happy, twin-son-having daddy!

Ok, ok... I'll shut up and post the pics. Geez, I can hear your thoughts.. Dang, you're so impatient. Here they are. :)

Yep, that's a little 'turtle.' Our little Baby B (the higher one, and the MUCH more active one) is proud of his junk. He proudly displayed it almost the entire time.
He get's that from me. I'm definitely not the shy one in the family. He deserves an 'Atta Boy' for being so co-operative.

 This one is our calm little Baby A. He's directly underneath Baby B and has a lot less space to move around in. That's probably why he doesn't move much. See the next picture for a good laugh...

Now, it seems to me that when neonates are this age (ie 17 weeks gestation) they wouldn't have the ability to fight for what they want. Well, guess again. Here we see Baby A trying to push Baby B back a little so he can have some more room. Notice how much room Baby B has and how he's trying to keep it that way. If you look hard enough you can see the thin membrane between the two of them. Baby B has a hand and a foot on it... Baby A is pushing with one hand (can barely see that hand though, but its there).

Check this one out... Look at how near-perfect this shot it. Perfect profile... Baby B is comfortably reclined. The head and abdomen are very well defined... but keep going. It starts to get a little blurry, but you can see the still-small rump, the knee is bent up wards and if you follow it all the way you can see the foot. See what I mean? It just about can't get any better than this shot.

Wanna laugh til you hurt? Look juuust above the chin in this pic. See it? No? It looks like Baby B here has already got a mouth full of teeth and is cheesin' a huge grin. Probably because he's winning the war on room in the womb. HAHA He's definitely going to be the more active one. And, might I add, probably a little (read: a LOT) mischievous.

I can't believe it... my old fortune cookie really works! :) I'm never getting rid of this little thing!

That's all for now. If you want more pics of this ultrasound - and there are 9 more, go to my Facebook page and view the album there.

Hot DOG! We saw weenies!

Daily Stats

As of 4/30/10 the babies are:

17 weeks, 3 days

5.32 inches
5.69 ounces

And IF they go full term to Oct. 5th, we've got 157 days left!