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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Babies Hiccuping in the Belly and More Good News

I finally got some semi-decent video of one of our little guys hiccuping and rolling in Miranda's belly.
Check it out below. It's not great quality since it was taken with my phone but you can definitely tell what's going on. :)
You'll have to pay attention and look kind-of close...

Isn't it amazing?? How awesome is it that you can see and feel that from the outside.
Now that we've seen that, there is more good news...
The doctor has now set a date for C-section: September 9th @9am.
Our boys' birthday will be 9-9-10.


We just bought a new vehicle. Well, it is new to us.
We got a GREAT deal on a 2005 Ford Expedition. It is a very clean, one owner vehicle with plenty of room
for our two little bundles. We are so lucky to have stumbled across this deal when we did. We jumped on it and took it with hardly any hesitation.

Here are some pics of the vehicle:

The price on the windshield is not what we paid.
They came waaay off that price... that's why I said we got a great deal.
It lists for between $12k and $13k. The good Lord above had His hand in that one. :)

The boys are over 5 pounds each right now and Miranda has a belly that is the size of someone carrying a single baby and who is 2 weeks overdue. So, she's got a size 42 week belly and she's thrilled about it (did you pick up on the sarcasm?).

One more ultrasound next week and then the week after that we'll meet our little ones.
It just doesn't get any more exciting than this. 

As for everything being ready... the truck will be detailed professionally next week and then we'll install the car seats. The nursery is finished except for the letters for the boys' names that a good friend of ours is making for us...



Everything else...


Superb Parenting Skills...
(non-existent as of yet, but with any luck...)

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