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Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Baby Monitor For Sale

Hey everyone. I've got a Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Baby Monitor for sale.
It is NOT the recently recalled item from Summer Infant.
It was opened but NEVER used. It still has the plastic screen protector on the monitor.

I've got this item listed on eBay right now for $135 with free shipping.
Click Here to go to my eBay auction and Buy It Now
It sells for $179 at Target.
 If you aren't interested, please pass it along to someone you think may need it!
Thanks for looking. :)

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SkinIt.com Review

I recently received a skin from SkinIt.com to review and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
Sadly, I can't take a picture of it because it is on my phone and I can't take a pic of my phone WITH my phone.
This picture was taken directly from their website.
It is the skin I received and it looks exactly like this on my phone - which is the same also, 
the Motorola Droid.


The skins are very easy to apply to your phone. Just be sure to do it carefully or you'll wind up applying it off center or a little crooked. Thankfully, I applied mine perfectly.
 If you are looking for high quality, very reasonably priced skins for your phone or laptop then please give SkinIt.com a try. It will definitely be worth your time.

Special thanks to SkinIt.com for supplying me with a sample skin.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Blog Just for Men (well, kinda)

Hey everyone.. Just wanted to let you know that I've started a new blog. It is basically a blog for men but females are more than welcome to participate. It is not as family-friendly as this one and there may be a few choice words, phrases and/or pictures/videos every so often... 
Let's just say it is rated
Click Here (if you must) to learn what this code means

 I will be doing reviews and giveaways there as well when time permits. Even though I've got a new blog, I've still got infant twin boys. They take up most of my time.


Please get your tails on over there and become a follower. And since most of my followers here are women I'll say this... follow my new blog and win stuff for your man. If he is online as well and needs a place to talk man stuff then get his rear to follow me too.
 Ohh, the link...

Click here to check it out
Ohh, Daddy Likey

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Purely Products Heatlhy Night Light Review

The awesome folks over at Purely Products have done it again...

Introducing the Healthy Night Light
 I've got to tell you folks... this is a great invention.
I've reviewed Purely Products' Healthy CFLs and I loved them. Still use them, still love them.
I wanted something more though...

We've got 4 month old twin boys and we want to provide the safest environment possible for them to live in, even at night. What I wanted was a night light with the same air cleansing power as their CFL bulbs. Well they heard the people and they produced for the people.

They sent me a Healthy Night Light to review and it was opened and put into a socket immediately!! The soft illumination it provides is just right. Some night lights are too bright, others are too dim. The large, opaque facing filters the LED light just perfectly.

And, as always, the built in ionizer does the job as advertised. Every time we add a new Purely ionizer somewhere in our home our air just gets cleaner and cleaner. I think this company deserves a Presidential award for two reasons... 
#1. Because the lights they produce are ALL CFL or LED which complies with new Federal regulations.
#2. They are good for our environment. Not just in terms of global green-ness, but insode our homes as well.

Here is more information about this new, nifty little invention taken directly from the Purely Products website:

Health Benefits
  • Built-in ionizer emits refreshing negative ions
  • Cleans the air, controlling pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, smoke & other allergens
  • Negative ions have been shown to increase levels of serotonin, delivering more oxygen to the brain
  • Great for people with asthma, allergies & pet dander issues

Household Benefits
  • Cleans the air 24/7 even when the light is off
  • Great for the nursery & children’s bedrooms
  • Great for senior citizens’ living spaces
  • Also perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, garages –anywhere low-level light at night is needed
  • Automatic on-off light. Cool to the touch
  • Offers more safety for moving around at night in the home for all ages
  • Effective in a room up to 12’ x 12’
  • Long life LED 35,000 hours
  • 1-Watt Very low energy consumption. Pennies per year to operate
  • Available in cream, pink or blue
  • 100% Happy 2 Year Warranty - unconditionally guaranteed for 2 Years
An Amazing Calculation
I personally whipped out my calculator and broke it down.
The Healthy Night Light's LED is rated for over 35,000 hours of use.
Night Light Illumination = 8 hours/night (avg)
35,000 hours divided by 8 hours/night = 4375 nights of use
4375 nights divided by 365 days/year =  

I'm not finished yet...

These cost $19.95 each or you can purchase a 2-pack for $29.95

For the sake of saving money I used the $29.95 price...

If you spent $29.95 and purchased a 2-pack of these healthy night lights you would
only be spending $0.006 per day on clean, fresh, ionized air for your family!

How To Purchase

Simply click here to go to Purely Products' Healthy Night Light order page
(it is not an affiliate link, I get paid nothing for you to click and go)
And in the month of January (2011), shipping is FREE 
when you buy 2 items totaling more than $35!!!

As always, a portion of all Purely Products sales goes to diaperLove!
Changing Diapers. Changing Lives!
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KID ROCK Tickets (with VIP Access) For Sale!!!!!!!


Kid Rock
2 Tickets (with VIP ACCESS)
Birmingham, Alabama
2nd Row from Stage in the CONT (floor) section.
(This means up close and personal)
Tickets include VIP ACCESS!!!!!!!!!!

My loss is your gain! I'd love it if you took pictures and e-mailed them to me after the show. :) Just a thought. lol

ITEM DESCRIPTION:  This auction is for 2 tickets to see Kid Rock on his Born Free Tour at the BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama
on February 19, 2011 at 7:00 pm. 
The 2 tickets are located in Section CONT of the Floor Level, Row 2, Seats 5 & 6.
These great seats are located in the 2ND ROW from the stage.
These tickets also allow access to private VIP bar and private VIP (CLEAN) bathrooms in the BJCC Arena Club area starting at 5:00 pm.
You are sure to enjoy the concert from the great view that these seats will provide.
This will be the show of a lifetime!

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Payment must be received within 4 days of end of auction (although I do prefer immediate payment) or tickets will be re-listed and Unpaid Item Dispute will be filed with eBay. Due to eBay's Accepted Payments Policy, the only method of payment for this auction is PayPal.  

SHIPPING INFORMATION: Tickets are hard back tickets (meaning they are actual tickets as you would buy them at the ticket office). I have them in-hand and they will be shipped immediately upon receipt of Paypal payment. They are NOT internet tickets that can be copied and reproduced. FREE shipping and handling which includes USPS Priority shipping with Signature Confirmation.  
RETURN POLICY: No returns, no refunds, no hassles.  

GENERAL INFORMATION: Please view my PERFECT 100% positive feedback rating and buy with confidence. Delivery of tickets is 100% guaranteed. Thank you for looking and good luck bidding.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Website with Amazing Modern Furniture

I've been curious lately about the new styles of furniture that's out there. The furniture in our home is very dated and every room is in dire need of a furniture overhaul. 

The other day when surfing the web for new and different furniture I came across an amazing modern furniture website. Since our bedroom set is the most outdated set in our entire home I looked at most of their bed sets. I was amazed at the selection and even more amazed at the prices. While not the cheapest overall prices out there, they are the cheapest for the styles and what you get. They have many modern designers that create furniture for them and they are all outstanding.


 One thing is for sure, if we get a good enough refund on our taxes this year, this site may get a piece of it. I've bookmarked their beds and bed sets sections. 

 Please take a minute to go check them out. If you are in need of updated furniture for your entire home, hot just your bedroom, this place should be your starting point.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Proper Swaddling Technique - Must Read for New Parents

Here is a list of helpful hints to remember when swaddling your children.
I've read a lot about this subject and this list is by far the best one I've found.
You will have to click on the picture below for it to load in another page. 
If you do not do so, you probably will not be able to read it very well. :)

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"Super" Petit Jean Meats Review/Giveaway Later This Week

Stay tuned folks. I've got a review/giveaway opportunity from Petit Jean Meats coming later this week.
Tell everyone you know!
This will be a "Super" giveaway!
What do I mean? Let's just say you'll need something 'super' to fill your 'bowl' soon.
Catch my drift?! :)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why is it So Hard?!?!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately...

Miranda and I both have full-time jobs. We work very hard to try and make money to be able to support and raise our sons. We do this without complaint, without question and without thinking about it.

Why is it so hard to make ends meet? We don't blow our money. We only go out to eat on rare occasion now instead of 2-3 times a week like we did before Cooper and Carter were born. We do not rent movies or pay-per-views anymore. Every dime we earn is saved and spent on bills and for necessities for the boys.
It's just not working...

 Daycare costs are killing us. It is our largest monthly bill by far.
We're no martyrs. We don't want or expect special treatment.
 What I do want is an explanation...
 How can our state government justify giving lazy, no good crack addicts money to support their habit in the name of child welfare when hard working parents who have only the best interest of their children at heart??
How is this possible? Shouldn't the #1 pre-requisite of assistance be "You must have a job"
Shouldn't the #2 pre-requisite of assistance be "You must pass a drug screen"
 And shouldn't the #3 pre-requisite of assistance be "You must provide proof of employment and pass a drug screen monthly to keep receiving assistance"
 Apparently, even with all of our bills, we make too much money to warrant assistance.
 How the hell do we make too much money?
 Shouldn't they take our income and subtract all of our bills before they come to that conclusion?
I mean good grief health insurance costs us $399 a month. And I'm not even covered by it for God's sake!
 Add our mortgage and child care expenses and we're freakin' POOR! LITERALLY!!!
And I've forgotten the way to our grocery stores. Can't tell you the last time we shopped for groceries. 
I mean I earn tips from delivering pizzas but that goes towards gas and to buy formula and diapers.
 My actual wages go towards HELPING to pay daycare costs.
 I'm just SO fed up with the system! Why not give assistance to hard working families who DESERVE it instead of blindly doling out money to those who spend 90% of it on scratch-off's, alcohol, drugs and/or  God knows what.
In case you haven't been able to deduce, this rant was born out of despair.
 My family is my world! My wife and kids deserve better.
 Please take a moment to say a prayer (or to make a quick phone call to your nearest philanthropist) for us.
We're both working so hard and the ends are just not meeting. If you know of any organization that helps hard working families, please let me know.
 Thanks for reading. Sorry for the content. After paying the bills tonight I was just in a bad mood - a justified bad mood...
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