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Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Pondering...

Have you ever caught yourself pondering? I don't mean the 'quickie' ponder. And I don't really mean the ponder where you think about the same subject throughout the entire ponder session.

No, I'm talking about the type of pondering where you start out pondering something ordinary like "if I go make some pancakes, will I have any butter to put on them?" And from there you ponder "How did peanut butter get its name? I mean, 'butter'?...really?" And from there you ponder "how much butter did it take to coat the slip-n-slide when I watched that competition to see how far people could slide... I remember a little midget won." And from there you ponder "why it is that midgets heads are never in proportion to their bodies." And from there you ponder (or wonder) "if there are any midget truck drivers." And from there you ponder "the chances of the UPS truck delivering the baby stuff we ordered today."

Then, out of nowhere, you catch yourself. You realize you have been staring out into space for an unknown amount of time and you ponder what your original thought was - so you try to backtrack. You attempt to go backwards from Ponder 'Z' back to Ponder 'A' to get back to what you were originally pondering.

Eventually you succeed (sometimes). I just did. And I've come to the conclusion that I'm not even hungry anymore. Dang! And I really wanted those pancakes... 

Oh well. C'est la vie...

(Note: I've got nothing against midgets. They're all so cute.)