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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Taste of Pics to Come

We had Cooper and Carter's newborn pictures taken at a local photographer's shop a few weeks ago and she sent us a preview picture last night. It is the only one we've seen so far and judging by this pic, we are SO excited about seeing the rest!

I know some of you aren't Auburn fans (bless your hearts). So aside from your possible lack of agreement about the background and props, what do you think?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Guest Post - Top 5 Ways to Handle Having Twins

Suzy, editor of SureBaby.com, has been gracious enough to give us a few pointers on how to handle twins. See the post below for some great tips.

The Top 5 Ways to Handle Having Twins
If you've just found out you're having twins, don't panic! Many women cannot tell based on their pregnancy symptoms alone that they are in fact having twins, so it can be a surprise. Here are five effective ways to prepare your life for this major and marvelous change.

1. Put it down on paper. Whatever schedule and budget you may have already worked out will now have to be taken back to the drawing board. Sitting down and taking the time to write these things out, and keeping them where you can easily see, refer to and adjust them as needed is hugely beneficial in helping you maintain a sense of organization and not feel overwhelmed as you plan for your babies' arrival.

2. Shop secondhand. Many people expecting one baby already practice this smart money-saving strategy, but it becomes twice the lifesaver when you suddenly find yourself having to shop for two times the baby clothes, two high chairs, two cribs, a two-seater stroller, etc. You can find a wealth of options in stores and on websites devoted to selling gently used items, as well as at local yard sales.

3. Buy in bulk. It will save you time as well as money. Buy at least a month's worth of things you know you'll need a lot of, like non-perishable baby food and diapers, in economy sizes -- not only is bigger usually cheaper, but stocking up on supplies means fewer trips to the store.

4. Prepare your home well in advance. The more time you take to make the physical changes to your home that are necessary when you're expecting twins, the less stressed out you are likely to feel about them. But completing the nursery, baby-proofing and otherwise getting your house ready as soon as possible is also playing the odds, since twins often arrive weeks early.

5. If you have other children, prepare them well in advance, too. Children who will be the older siblings of the twins, especially if they are still young themselves, may feel increased anxiety upon learning that they are now going to have to share you with not just one baby, but two. Be sure to spend time with them regularly, and assure them that you will continue to do so even after the twins are born. Try to include them in the preparation process; for example, have them help to choose the paint color and decorations for the babies' room(s). You definitely want to try and avoid sibling rivalry.

Thanks, Suzy! Great info. I've looked over your site and found some more very good, useful information.
Feel free to let me know when you want to do another informational post for us.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

To All Mothers of Multiples - I Need Advice

Plain and simple:
How in the world do you sleep when your twin sons (or any combination of twin sexes) grunts constantly and wakes the other one up all night?

It is the weirdest thing. They absolutely can not sleep separately in their own bassinet because the moment we lay them down they start this grunting ritual. Even if they are dead asleep they'll wake up grunting. And it goes back and forth... Carter will grunt, then Cooper, then Carter, then Cooper. If you don't pick them up they eventually start throwing a fit. What gives?

Is it bad of me to suggest to my sleep-deprived wife that we let them grunt it out? Will that work? Will they go back to sleep eventually?  We need advice and suggestions.

I'm basically asking all the multiples parents on Multiples and More. There seems to be a lot of experience with twins there. Help! :)

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