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Friday, June 11, 2010

Help Wanted?

You know... it wasn't too long ago that businesses placed HELP WANTED signs in their windows...

It wasn't long ago that our economy was booming and fresh college graduates like myself could find a job in their field...

It wasn't long ago people could make a good living by going to college and earning their education...

It wasn't long ago that I graduated, not long at all in fact. Actually, it was only 1 month ago Monday. I thought once I got my degree I could find a job quickly and be able to provide for my family. I just knew that the little piece of paper I proudly display in my living room that says DIPLOMA on it was my ticket to security.

Well, it's turning out that that is not the case.

I'm starting to stress, folks. My wife, bless her, is stressing too. So much so that its almost unbearable for me to watch. It feels horrible to see her worry so much. She should be stress free right now - especially with two babies in her belly.

Don't get me wrong, I've got a job. But its a job that I've not been ABLE to work in the past several weeks seeing as how when I graduated my student license expired. I've got my certification now and my license has been submitted. Once that goes into effect I can start working at my old job again, but who knows how many hours I'll be offered. I work PRN (as needed) at a semi-local hospital. And even when I was a student, the hours were slim. I love that I have this job, but it's not enough. I need the security of a full time job with benefits... my wife needs it, my children need it.

Since the last paragraph ended, I sat here in my chair for 15 minutes in a dead stare - my fingers hovering over the keyboard in the ready-to-type position. All I thought about was "what are we going to do?" How's that for stressing? I can't even blog without being sucked into a coma-like worry fest.

We'll make it, I've got no doubt. But until we do, what are we going to do?

Hopefully the resumes I've submitted and the calls Miranda and I have been making will pay off. It just seems like no one is hiring. We don't have much more time left. Cooper and Carter will be here in about 3 months.

"Dear Lord..." you know the rest.