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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biding Our Time

Tomorrow will be two weeks since Miranda has been on bed rest. If those little men in her tummy can just be patient and hang on for at least another two weeks they can be delivered here in Cullman. If not, we'll have to go to UAB in Birmingham since babies born earlier than 34 weeks have an increased chance of requiring the services of a NICU. I keep reminding myself that they are viable now and that even if they're born tomorrow, they'd still be fine. It is a stressful time right now, but the prayers and extreme generosity of those around us have made it easier.

I knew that Miranda did a lot around here, but I had no idea how much. Since she's been on bed rest, I've been doing my 'manly' chores such as cutting the grass, taking out the trash, etc. I've also had the additional laundry, dinner, dishes, sweeping and mopping chores as well. Not to mention that I'm now getting about 30-35 hours a week at work. (I got a job delivering pizzas. Hey, it pays better than you'd think)

I'll be the first to admit, since she's been unable to work I've been on edge. We've both started arguments with each other (or fueled them (we do know how to press each others buttons)). I feel horrible after an argument, no matter who started it. Keeping my mouth shut has never been one of my strong points. I've just got to remember that it is not only stressful for me, it is stressful for Miranda and the two little munchkins, who, by the way, are delivering knockout karate chops and kicks to that poor uterus (bless its heart).

She had her second baby shower today and it went very well. Many people showed up and we got some amazing gifts for the boys. There were a few people who were invited who didn't show up, but that's because they either live out-of-state or we got an address wrong. I can think of one of our friends in particular that probably didn't even get an invitation in the mail because of an incorrectly addressed envelope (I'll e-mail you in a second so you'll know who you are).

If I were being allowed to post belly pictures I'd do so here. But alas, the boss has forbidden it. I can tell you that the belly, although it didn't grow a lot last week, has increased in size this week. And it is starting to drop. She's still taking her anti-labor pills religiously. She hasn't missed a dose. Some contractions are breaking through but they aren't numerous enough or intense enough to cause alarm. They're more of a nuisance now than anything. The shakiness that is caused by these pills is still present and it is sometimes difficult for her to catch her breath.

One bright side to the babies being so big now is that I can feel them when they start to hiccup. It is a feeling like no other. To be that close to one of my sweet little boys and feel them while their tiny diaphragm spasms over and over is priceless. If I could bottle what I feel every time they punch or kick the walls of their confinement or hiccup or roll around I could be an overnight millionaire. People would pay good money for a completely legal form of euphoria. Am I right?

I'll quit spewing like a hormone right now and let you rest your weary eyes. Tomorrow is another day (at the office) and I've got to get some rest. It is now time for me to watch the backs of my eyelids for a few hours before I have to get up and do it all over again.

I love you, Miranda.
I love you Carter and Cooper.

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Speakman Showerheads Review

Thanks to the generosity (and patience) of the great people over at The Speakman Company we were able to test and review three (3) of their showerheads. 

We were sent the following showerheads:
6-Jet Anystream
Downpour Rain
 and one of their Hotel Showerheads

Our favorite was by far the 6-Jet Anystream

 Even though it has 48 spray channels (only 2 less than the hotel showerhead) it was an amazing showerhead. The pressure was just right. The size of the showerhead itself was perfect. The solid brass construction is outstanding. It is a very heavy item and you can tell that it is made with the utmost quality. The sprays are extremely uniform and the pressure you get from this showerhead is nothing short of perfect.
Our Overall Grade: A++
 The next showerhead we tried was the Downpour Rain.

We didn't have an overhead water spout to attach this one to but it still worked rather well from our existing spout which is a little high on our shower wall. It would have been my favorite if we had had an overhead spout. The construction of this model is solid but the silver housing on the top of the unit seemed a little thin and it wiggled even though all connections were tight. That being said, if you have an overhead spout and you prefer a gentle rain-like shower, this would be a great unit for you.
Our Overall Grade: B

The final model we reviewed was the Hotel Showerhead.

This showerhead is about twice the size of the 6-Jet Anystream but about 1/3 of the weight. This is probably because it is mass produced with lighter weight materials and made so that hotels can afford to purchase many of them for all of their rooms. They are used in hotels like Crowne Plaza, Double Tree, Fairmont, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, and more... This model does have a very shiny outer finish but you can easily tell that the outer housing is made from a very lightweight material. Do NOT let this fool you though. The 50 spray channels on this unit makes for a very relaxing shower. You can turn the knob on the side and it will give you a very (very) stimulating massaging spray. I was really impressed with the pressure from both the normal spray and the massaging spray. It made for quite a few long showers. The ONLY reason this was not our favorite was simply its size. It is rather large but if you like a large showerhead that truly delivers great pressure and uniform sprays, this one is for you.
Our Overall Grade: A

After reviewing all three of these models we can truly say that The Speakman Company is a company to be rekoned with. Their attention to detail and their craftsmanship are amazing. In my honest opinion, they are beating a few of the more well known name brands on the market today. And for good reason. Well made, quality products. Please take a moment to browse their extensive line of products. You can believe everything they say in their descriptions. They made believers out of us.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Speakman for allowing us to do this review for them. It was a fun and exhilarating project. We truly look forward to using more Speakman products in the future and we'll be telling all of our friends and family about them.

As Required by the FTC:
I received a product sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased product review in return.
No money changed hands - I was not compensated in any way.

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