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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

28 Weeks Today

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how a woman as short as my wife can carry two babies.

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how although she can hardly get up off the couch, she rarely complains.

It hasn't ceased to amaze me at how much she (and I) rub her belly, already loving our boys SO much.

It will never cease to amaze me what an amazing wife and mother to our children I have.

Here are this weeks stats and some weekly info:
The Babies
As of Today

Our Boys Are:

28 Weeks and 0 Days
14.8 Inches Long (Overall Length)
2 lbs 9 ounces (each)

And IF Miranda goes full term to Oct. 5th (which is usually unlikely for twins)
we have 83 days left!!
At 28 weeks, Miranda is doing pretty good.
Her only complaints so far are:
Mild swelling in her feet 
Slight difficulty getting up from a laying position on our couch
Occasional, very slight difficulty taking a deep breath
Not sleeping well from both being uncomfortable and having to go to the bathroom every two hours
We had another doctor visit last Friday and we were told her sugar was around 235 when it needed to be 140 or less. She drank the (gross) orange liquid before the visit to be able to test this.
So, as of today we're waiting to get the results back from the blood test that will be more accurate.
If the number is still too high, she'll have to go for a 3 hour test. She'll drink the same liquid and have her finger pricked once an hour for three hours. If, after the 3 hour test, her sugar is still too high, the doctor will declare that she has Gestational Diabetes.
It can be very easily controlled with a diet and light exercise and should disappear after the birth of the boys.
If not treated properly, it can lead to larger babies which could increase risks during delivery. But I have no doubt, as much care as Miranda has and constantly gives these babies, she'll do whatever it takes to keep herself and the babies healthy.

We'll be taking her 28 week pictures today. If allowed (operative word being: allowed), I'll update this post with a picture or two after she gets home from work.

Edit: I was 'allowed' lol

Here's a pic of the 28 week belly, through scrubs, of course
Darker colors are slimming. Believe me, that belly is larger than it looks in this pic. Don't get me wrong... I love it. I am NOT saying anything bad about its size. :)
On a side note... I need everyone reading this to send up prayer after prayer for me to be offered a full-time position somewhere. If the doc prescribes bed rest, that would surely mean financial ruin at the present time.
Please pray, pray, pray! Thanks!
More to come... stay tuned!

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