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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Purely Products Healthy CFL Review

Being a new parent is scary. You never know what types of products are good for baby.
Will this make them sick?
Can this hurt them?
Is this the best I can give my boys?

When it comes to lighting my home, freshening the air, removing (possible) mold spores, pet dander, and dust from the air, there is only one product that we have started using in our home that tackles all of these things.
The Purely Products Healthy CFL

This amazing light bulb (CFL) has an air purifier built in! It works by ionizing the air around it making it fresher, cleaner and ultimately SAFER for our entire family. And it is all done by emitting negative ions into the air. Negative ions counteract the harmful effects of positive ions which are produced by electronics and household materials. The negative ions also boost serotonin levels which, in turn, slightly increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain. If that doesn't make you feel good I don't know what will.

We have about 4-5 of these in our home and we will slowly increase that number until every room in our home has one. Why not feel better in every room, right?

Need proof that it works? Just click here and play the very short video. It can give you a lot more information and can answer any questions you may have about these wonderful little units.
And as of 11/4/2010, they still have their sale going on.
You can get a 2-pack of these awesome lights/air purifiers for ONLY $19.95.
You can't get that kind of clean air that cheap anywhere else.

Purely Products is a great company with a high moral background. In fact, they have another company called DiaperLove. This organization provides diapers to those families in need. How awesome is that?
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