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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Expressive Thoughts Vinyl Decal Review

I recently received a vinyl family decal from Expressive Thoughts Vinyl.
They agreed to allow me to review one of those family decals you've probably already
seen on a lot of vehicles. You know the ones I'm talking about. They have the husband, wife, kids and
maybe a family pet. 

 I am thrilled at the quality of these decals. I put me, my wife, our twins and our dog, Kain in the decal.
See the pic below to see exactly what I ordered.

The best part about these decals is that you can customize each person to exactly what you want them to look like. Most websites have stock images, but Expressive Thoughts Vinyl allows you to choose hair styles, facial hair, clothes, clothes decorations, heads, etc... 

They do wonderful work. Another good thing about them is that once they work up your order, they e-mail you before they cut it and ship it so you can make sure they got it right. It is an extra step but it is well worth it. Who wants to get their order and it be wrong? Not me. And they are SO super easy to apply. You just peel the back, apply it to your clean window, press firmly over the entire decal to be sure all parts stick well, then slowly peel off the front. That's it!
 I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the decal. Most people who ask about it want to know where they can get one - especially once I tell them they can customize every aspect of it.
 Thanks ETV. We LOVE the decal and will be back to order again!!
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