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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zevia Diet Soft Drinks Review

Recently, the awesome folks at Zevia sent me a mixed case of their Diet, No Calorie, All-Natural Soft Drinks to evaluate and review... and the results are in!
I've come to the conclusion that I've been missing out. Honestly, I had never heard of Zevia before I stumbled upon them during a recent web search for healthier drinks. I was interested. So I contacted them ans asked if I could do a review for them and they agreed. I'm very glad they did.

Here is a stock picture of the items I received:

I drank all of the items they sent me in a matter of about 4-5 days.

My favorites were:
Lemon-Lime Twist (like Sprite)
Orange (like Sunkist)
and Ginger Ale (like, well, Ginger Ale)

The other flavors were great and I really enjoyed them but those left a little more of a sweet-like aftertaste than my favorites did. Still, it didn't take away from the satisfaction.

I do want to take this opportunity to let the recipe makers at Zevia know that they may want to alter the
Dr. Zevia recipe a tad bit. If you were shooting for an alternative to Dr. Pepper, you missed the mark. Not by a whole lot, but enough to possibly turn some folks off to that flavor.

Overall I really enjoyed all of them. They are definitely a great all-natural alternative to mainstream diet soft drinks. I want to thank all of the folks at Zevia for allowing me to review their products.

(I was sent a case of Zevia drinks on my request. All opinions stated in this post are mine and mine alone.)
(Dr. Pepper, Sprite and Sunkist names are all copyright their respective owners. The use of their names in this post was used for comparison only. No copyright infringement intended)

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1 comment:

Gritsy said...

David - Great review! Glad that you enjoyed our flavors. We are always working to create the best soda taste, and your feedback is helpful. So appreciate the post. Chill and enjoy! -margaret at zevia dot com