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Thursday, June 24, 2010

25 Weeks Pregnant

Well, we seem to be steadily churning along. Miranda is now 25 weeks pregnant.
She's been doing VERY well. The only complaints as of late are heartburn, fatigue and shortness of breath.
She says if that's the worst that happens then she's in great shape.

Here's the most recent pics of her.

This one was taken 5 days ago:

And this one was taken 3 days ago:

 How awesome is that baby bump?

The most current baby stats are:
25 weeks, 2 days
13.73 inches
24.37 ounces
102 days left until full-term

I can feel both babies kick, punch and even toss and turn!
How amazing! You can tell when their little head (of little butt) is pressing against her belly - its gets really firm.


The job hunt is just that - a hunt.
I'm still hunting a full-time job in my field - and out.

I've even applied for a part-time job 5 blocks from home in my local paper's mail room. Ugh!

There is a position open at my local hospital that I'd take in a heartbeat. 
Yes, mom, I've applied for it already. 
No, mom, I haven't heard anything yet.

Its an IT Help Desk position.
Everyone always said I'd end up in computers. You know what - if I got that job I'd take it, work it and stay there. I'd put Respiratory on hold. Just because I have a degree doesn't mean I absolutely have to work in that field. I love being an RT, but I love computers too. I have since I was 6 and my 1st grade teacher let me place "Face" on the school's only computer. An old Commodore 64.

Everyone reading this, please pause for a second and say a little prayer that I'll find a position soon.
Stress builds daily without me working full-time.

Who knows - maybe I'll win the lottery.

Ariva dare'che
(I know its not spelled correctly, I was too lazy to look it up and I spelled it like it sounds, LOL)

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Gretta said...

We are praying about the job situation for you! Miranda looks GREAT too!

Lucky Jones said...

She looks beautiful!! Hope your job hunting ends soon!