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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Just Got REAL

You know, I've been in a few fights in my day. I've been punched... kicked... bitten... and pushed around.
Don't get me wrong, I've done my share of punching, kicking, biting and pushing. But today something happened.

I got beat up today. I got kicked and punched so hard it made me cry. And the weirdest part was, I let it happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can feel my twin boys now!

Miranda said suddenly "Oh, baby, come feel..."

I did...

I put my hand right where I was told to (I do what I'm told... I love a happy wife). A few seconds later...'POW' (a nod to the 1960's Batman) Cooper kicked or punched me HARD. I went from not feeling them at all yesterday to 'BAM' - they're kicking really hard today. There's NO mistaking it!

I stayed knelt down on our hardwood floor for only a few minutes but it was long enough to kill my toes and knees. And the funniest part...I didn't care.

I've never felt anything like that. I've felt kicking babies before, that's not what I'm talking about. I mean I've never felt that feeling before. I'm still euphoric. My cloud 9 is large and puffy. It's thick and full of vigor. It's not going to dissipate for a while. It's swaying and rocking me into a state of bliss. Ahhh....

My boys, my sweet little unborn men have made their big, strong, manly daddy melt into a pile of goo.
I'm reeling.

Now, I'm going to get offline and reel with my wife and babies.

I want to hear about all of your 'first times' to feel your babies. Please feel free to share. This is a safe place. :)

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