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Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're Registered !!

Ok folks, Miranda and I went to Babies Я Us today and registered for all the things we knew we couldn't get at Wal-Mart. Some of the things are expensive - who knew they made their items out of pure
silver-ruby-gold-luminum? Geez!

Good news is, a lot of the items we scanned are crazy affordable.

Go check it out. Click here.
And POOF... You'll be magically whisked away to a page that contains all of our hopes, dreams and wishes - a place so awe inspiring you'll.......... sorry...

Anyway, we also registered at JCPenney. Only for a few things though. We bought our bedding set online there today and there are several items that go along with it we thought some folks might like to purchase. (How thoughtful of us, eh?) You can browse that registry by clicking here.

Try to contain your excitement. We all know how much people love buying babies things, especially two of each thing (unless you have been living under a rock lately you do realize that that was a friendly reminder that we're having TWO boys).

Also, try to leave some items for others to purchase. Unless of course you WANT to buy everything on the list(s). In which case we'd be more than happy to add new items. Trust us, it's NO bother. :)

That concludes today's post. Be sure to check back often for more glorious and inventive ways to help make our lives less INSANE!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to pressure anyone into making a purchase at either of the two stores listed above. It is simply intended to.... oh, hell, who am I kidding?


Gretta said...

you are hysterical Dave...can't wait to see all the stuff!

Proud Papa of Twins said...

Hehehe... Gotta throw a little humor in there to keep people interested. :) You got my e-mail, right? About the colors and theme?

Anonymous said...

David!!!! You are a blabbering fool when it comes to your SON'S...It's sweet though.