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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Respiratory Therapy Pinning

Tomorrow (5/7/10) marks the end if a long yet somehow short college career for me. Long because I've tried so long and so hard to  finally earn my degree... but short because I only spent a short time with all the new friends I made over the almost two years I spent with them.

Tomorrow night is the Respiratory Therapy Pinning Program for the Class of 2010!

Its a short ceremony, only about 45 minutes long (VERY short compared to graduation night). We get recognized for our accomplishments in a setting that is only ours - not nurses, not hygienists, not polysomnographers. It's all about us! Some of us will get awards and all of us will get our pins - pins that symbolically signify that we have persevered, worked through the challenges and fought through the unknown to reach our goal. After tomorrow we are classified as being through - officially recognized as trained respiratory therapists - pending successful passing of the real certification and registry exams of course.

Nonetheless, its over. Class of 2010, we started with many and ended with few. The ones who remain can be called successful. The ones who remain can be called fighters. The ones who remain can be called Respiratory Therapists!

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