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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RSV and Double Ear Infections... Again!

The title says it all. What's it going to take to keep these boys well? We knew daycare would cause them to be sick a little more than normal and we also knew that it would help them build their immune system quicker. But good grief... RSV and ear infections ALL the TIME!?!?

Carter went to the doctor yesterday and then had to stay home with mommy today while Cooper went to daycare and then came home with a bad cough... meaning he is probably about to have the same thing Carter has. After another week of this, it'll be3 weeks and we'll do it all over again... that is, if we go by past experience.


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Elisabeth said...

My 11 month old had RSV last week and was hospitalized with it. We were there for two days. She also had a minor ear infection (her first one), but they wanted her there because she has asthma as well. She's not in a daycare setting so I was surprised she got it. But it's going around here in south Alabama. Hope your boys get better soon!