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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeni's Ice Cream Review

The generous folks over at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams sent me a package of ten flavors of their hand-crafted ice creams for my family to review.

There are few things in life that do not disappoint. These all-natural ice creams are some of those things. Folks, I tried my hardest to find something wrong with these little pints of goodness but I never did. The more I ate, the more I just gave up trying to find fault. Please read the reviews of each flavor I received below.

Salty Caramel
"Initial notes of burnt sugar give way to mouth-watering saltiness. A perfect salty sweet balance"

This flavor was one of my favorites. Very smooth and as the description says... perfectly balanced.

Dark Chocolate

"Mouth-filling, palate-gripping, intense chocolate flavor with a fudge-like texture. Pleasingly dry finish."

Very rich chocolate flavor. Satisfies a chocolate craving in just a few bites. Very good flavor.

Ugandan Vanilla Bean

"Vanilla ice cream like none other. Fairly-traded, 100-percent natural African beans bought directly from Ndali Estate, steeped for 48 hours in Snowville cream. Rich, full, fantastic vanilla flavor with notes of jasmine, honey, tobacco and leather."

You can really taste the authentic vanilla bean on this flavor. Amazing cream, vanilla and the slightest hint of jasmine really work well together. You've NEVER had vanilla ice cream like this. Be prepared to be blow away.

Queen City Cayenne
"Rich chocolate reveals back-of-the-throat spice. Finish is tingly and complex."

Ever wondered what chocolate ice cream and cayenne pepper would taste like together? No?
Well let me tell you... it's actually pretty good. For those of us that like spicy foods this dessert is a welcome addition. It starts out smooth and chocolatey, melts quickly and finishes with a pretty spicy kick in your throat. 

Meyer Lemon Yogurt

"Fresh Meyer Lemons, sweeter than true lemons, pleasantly tart, blended with organic yogurt. Aromatic. Creamy. Delicious. Jeni’s time-honored favorite. Serve with Blackstrap praline!"

Time-honored favorite is a very good description. This was my 2nd favorite flavor. Very aromatic! The Meyer lemons are extremely flavorful. If you let it melt in your mouth you can actually taste the yogurt. Most frozen yogurts have so much stuff in them that it masks the yogurt flavor... not this one. Very, very good!

Cherry Lambic Sorbet

"Tart and real cherry flavor, sweet lambic on the mid palate with almost bubbly texture. Finish is clean and exhilarating."

Very tart. The cherry flavor is really prominent. A classic brought into the 21st century!

Blackstrap Praline

Blackstrap molasses and pralines. What more needs to be said? Unbelievable flavor! And there was an extra shot of molasses in the bottom of the pint. Mmmm!!

Honey Butter Cake

"Ridiculously delicious, divinely buttery Ohio-honeyed ice cream, layered with chunks of honey butterscotch-soaked vanilla sponge cake made fresh in our kitchen. The delicate and light yet sturdy cake perfectly balances a sweet and hearty ice cream."

Description says it all. Ohhh sooo good!!!

Brambleberry Crisp

"Blackberries and black raspberries comprise a striking, rich-colored "Brambleberry" jam that's mixed with black currants and oven-toasted oat streusel and layered throughout honey vanilla bean ice cream."

Did you read that? Two different berries (real berries, not artificial flavored), oven-toasted oat streusel mixed with their vanilla ice cream. It was absolutely worth typing again! A must try!!

Every flavor was delicious. I am so glad they agreed to a review. And I am sooo glad to post it for them.
My only hope is that I can do another review for them soon. But first I've got to lose this 5 pounds I added from this review. :)

Go check out Jeni's Ice Creams and grab yourself a few flavors. All orders come double-boxed with dry ice and are extremely frozen upon delivery. There is no chance of your package arriving melted.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for review. 

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