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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BabySense Infant Movement Monitor Review

 We were recently given the opportunity to perform an in-home review of the BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor made by HiSense. What a great product!

We have another monitor that we borrowed from a member of our family but we needed two of them since we have twins. The one we have borrowed is a different brand but it works on the same principle. And since this is a review of the BabySense I will keep the other monitor out of the equation...

The BabySense comes with everything pictured here:

That's it! Nothing fancy. It comes with everything you need to monitor your baby while sleeping.
We started sleeping better the very same night we set this monitor up. It has a small green light that blinks every time it detects movement. If you happen to get up in the middle of the night and wonder if your baby is still breathing, just look at the blinking light and lay right back down. I love it!

All you do it place a mat (or both of them) underneath your baby's mattress - making sure it is laying on a very firm surface (mattress support springs may be too shaky). Run the wire from the sensor mat to the main unit, replace the mattress, power the unit on and lay your baby down to sleep. Wahlah!! Instant peace of mind. 

Question: How will it alert me if my baby has stopped breathing?
Answer: Simple. By a very loud, blaring siren! If your baby stops breathing for 20 seconds, the unit will 'click' 2-3 times letting you know that it is about to go off (very good idea seeing as how I forget to turn it off when getting up in the middle of the night to feed). If after those few 'clicks' you haven't responded, the siren will alarm. There will be NO mistaking the fact that this unit is trying to alert you. It is all-or-nothing with this thing. :) It is either completely silent or ringing in your eardrums. Please see the below picture and note the speaker holes. That's a lot of speaker. The sound it makes is unmistakable!

Another plus about this unit is that it only has one wire - not 3-5 like other models. It is battery operated so there's no need to find a spare outlet. One wire from the mats to the main unit is all it takes. Also, the main unit clips right onto the side of any bassinet or crib so it takes up literally NO space! Other models take up space with their main units AND their distance monitors. The less clutter in this house the better.

There is a red indicator light that lets you know when the batteries are getting low, but as of yet our hasn't lit up and we've had it going every single night for the past month. I'd say that's pretty darn good.
 The only thing I didn't 100% enjoy about it was the two 'clicks' it makes when powering the unit on. They are about a half-second apart and have startled the child who was just laid into the bassinet a couple of times. It is nothing more than a sound to let you know it has powered on but it is kind of loud - especially in a completely dark, quiet room. Not so much during the day. But if that is the only thing I wasn't happy with then we did pretty well. We love this unit and we are so blessed and honored to have been allowed to review it. We just wish we had another one so we could give the borrowed one back to its owner.

 Thanks BabySense! You guys have a very well made, wonderful product on your hands and you should be very proud! You've given parents everywhere the peace of mind they crave so desperately. God Bless!
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