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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emotionally Healthy Twins - Book Review

Emotionally Healthy

I was recently given the opportunity to review a book written by Joan A. Friedman, Ph.D. I was sent a copy of Emotionally Healthy Twins directly from the author. 
Over the past few months I've read this book (when I had extra time) and have drawn a conclusion... this author really knows what she is talking about. 
This collection of ideas and truths is the most valuable piece of literature I've collected in my search for twin resources over the past 10 months. From explaining the uniqueness of each twin to preteens and teens, from advice on preparing for two individual babies to young adults, this book is a must-have now and will be a must-have on into young adulthood. It is not a book you read and discard. You will keep this book for years to come and I guarantee you will refer back to it and its plethora of wisdom.
To satisfy your curiosity, the chapters are as follows:

1. Two Unique Children

2. Mentally Preparing for Two Separate Babies

3. Babyhood

4. Fathers and Babies, Fathers and Mothers

5. The Preschool Years

6. Elementary School Kids

7. Preteens and Teens

8. Two Young Adults


Resource Guide
 Each chapter gives helpful insights to the specified time frame and is laid out in straightforward, to-the-point ways. A little humor is also thrown into the mix. Every section is absolutely packed to the hilt with extremely valuable information.
 Emotionally Healthy Twins was a lifesaver for us. I can almost guarantee it will be one for you as well.

Special thanks to Joan Friedman Ph.D. for sending me a copy.
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