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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Weekend

Miranda and I had a pretty good weekend.

It started with me getting paid for some work I did last week. I helped an old friend insulate a room in Madison Thursday and Friday. It was some HOT work. I sweat so much I stopped sweating. Ever done that? Its scary. When you quit sweating, you start shaking and getting weak and your heart beats faster... I guess its the beginning of dehydration. But with me being in the medical field, I recognized it quickly. I stopped, went to a cooler downstairs room, drank a bottle of water and ate a banana. Within 5 minutes I was ok. Whew...

We rented two movies Friday night from redbox.com. We got "From Paris With Love" with John Travolta. AWESOME action movie. Travolta is a BADA$$ and he's hilarious. We also got Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. Very good movie. We recommend both of them highly.

Saturday I got out in the inferno we call the great outdoors and cut the grass. Wow. Please refer to the paragraph before last and reference the sweating part. :) After I finished, showered and recuperated, Miranda's twin sister, her husband and their two little munchkins came to visit. Wes and I grilled hotdogs and drank some ice-cold Coors Light. After dinner it was time for the fight... the UFC fight, that is. What better wat to spend a relaxing Saturday night than to watch a bunch of men go toe-to-toe and beat the dog out of each other?

Well, Saturday came and went and Sunday peeked its head into our lives. We left the house and went to my parents place where Daniel, my photographer step-brother, took our pregnancy pictures. He's pretty good. We got some great shots of 'the belly.'

We came home, watched some TV, Miranda napped, we went and visited some good friends at their new home, came home again, played Phase 10, ate dinner, watched Transformers, and here I am... finally arriving at the present.

Sorry this post wasn't as humorous as they usually are. After this weekend, I just didn't have any comedic energy left after using it all on a "uh-oh'ing" 18 month old. The bring side is that I usually refresh fairly quickly. I'll post again in a couple of days and make you all giggle.

Word to your mother...


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