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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tradition is Being Handed Down

One of the best memories I have from my childhood is watching my mother and grandmother work as a team to pick, shuck, silk, cut, cook and bag fresh corn. They would devote an entire day to the process. Bushels of freshly picked local corn, usually from an uncle's garden, would make their way to our house or to grandma's. I'd listen to the two of them talk while they worked. I can't even remember what the topics were about but I do remember the feeling it gave me to watch them work side-by-side - in sync with each other. I didn't realize it then but now I know that it must have felt great to both of them to be able to just spend time like that with each other. Sure, it was work - a LOT of work (trust me) - but it is a tradition that is dying out rapidly. It is a tradition that the younger generation doesn't even know about and probably will never learn. That is a very sad thing.

Over the past two days, Miranda and I have had the opportunity to gain the experience and knowledge of how to do this. I went with mom yesterday to her friend's home to pick up some G90 corn (aka: one of the best tasting varieties of corn there is). We didn't have to pick it, thank goodness. After laying hardwood floors all last week and yesterday morning I think I would have died in the field.

Miranda and I, along with mom, Uncle Pat, Aunt Patti and my cousin Katie shucked and silked most of it Monday night. I went over to mom's today and helped her finish silking and cutting the corn off the cob and I've got a pretty nasty battle scar to prove it. The corn cutter got the best of me (stupid corn cutter). Seriously, you wanna see the 1 1/2 inch gash on my palm? :)

(sorry for the hazy pic, it was very humid today and my camera lens got moisture on it)

While mom and I were working in sync, side-by-side preparing the corn, it hit me... we were doing the exact same thing as mother and son as her and her mother did. Kinda gave me a sense of pride and joy. I can look back on this in years to come and feel good about it. I will be able to look back on it and smile. I also thought about how Miranda, the boys and I can do this same thing. We will be able to give them the same sense of pride that I got today. And the best part is they'll be helping and we won't have to do it all ourselves. We'll let the boys silk the corn, I hate that part.

I want to challenge all you moms and dads out there to do this with your child(ren). Go buy some fresh corn that is still in the green shuck. Cut the small ends off of them, peel the shucks off, pull all the little silk strands off the corn, rinse the ears really well, cut the corn off the cob (however you can, but BEWARE the corn cutter!), microwave (yes, microwave) the corn for 7 minutes, stir and microwave again for 5-7 minutes, cool, place in freezer bags and revel in the thought that you have just created memories for you and your children that they will one day cherish.

Sure it is a little work. But if you've got kids you're used to a little work. If you don't have all day, jut do about 15-20 ears. A small batch like that shouldn't take you but about 2 hours tops! Not only will you get the satisfaction of teaching your children a dying art... you'll also have fresh corn this winter!! And everyone LOVES fresh corn. ;)

Until next time...

PS - If my way sounds too easy and you want a bigger challenge, please feel free to click here to find a slightly more difficult and time consuming way of freezing your corn. :)

PPS - For the record, and to be fair, I do have to admit that it was not the stupid corn cutter's fault my hand got mauled. I got a little over-zealous. I was just so excited!!

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Gretta said...

What a beautiful post. I think I will go buy some fresh corn and do this with the kids once we get settled in. I will do the corn cutting part though as I would like for them to keep all 10 fingers! (haha) :)

Proud Papa of Twins said...

Hey Gretta. Thanks for the comment. I really do advise doing this with the kids. They'll have fun, especially when they get to eat what they helped to prepare.

Also, I added a PS and a PPS to my post, go check them out. :)