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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caution - Fresh Paint

Well, today I finished what Miranda and I started last weekend. I finished painting the boys' nursery. I love neutral colors. We chose a tan/brown. See pics...

Try not to pay too much attention to the stuff piled on top of the changing station. We buy things for the guys and, well, that's where diapers go, right? Duh! 

Miranda is 22 weeks today. She's having a little more heartburn. She said, "Hey, that means they'll be born with hair!" I've heard SO many baby myths the past few months so I couldn't help but scream "Are you kidding me?? That's a load of bull..." Truth be told, I said it on the inside. I dare not poke a sleeping bear. :)

She also (sigh) noticed that her socks are getting tighter. They left the dreaded sock marks in her calves.
I could not help but grin on that one. How cute...

As always, we took her 22 week bell pic today. And, as always, she's a little bigger this week.
Every single week she says the same thing...almost through tears... "How in the world can it get any bigger?"
Darlin', you ain't seen nothin' yet - so I've been told.

There's a website that shows that your belly should look like with twins compared to singleton babies in 4 week intervals. It skips from 20 weeks to 24 weeks, so right now we're right in the middle. But, judging by those pictures, at 24 weeks she'll be the size of a 36 week belly carrying one child. This is gonna get real fun - real fast. (Yes, I know I should have said 'really' - How about hopping off my back all you English majors. This is supposed to be a real fun blog, not an extremely grammatically correct one)

We're still looking to get some carpet to put down on the nursery floor since right now it is just painted concrete. So, mom, when you think it'll be ready? :) Your grandchildren can't be trusted to take their first steps on concrete. They ARE half Miranda's. She's not the most graceful specimen. (Love you, baby)

Well, that's it for now. Another update soon.

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1 comment:

Gretta said...

The walls look GREAT! And forget carpet....go with laminate or hardwood! Much easier to clean up and softer than concrete! :) We are moving next week so let us know if we can help you guys anytime after that.